Top 5 Margarita Recipes Compilation

Top 5 margarita recipes compilation-Reciperella

There are many versions of the origin of the margarita drink, it is made with orange liqueur, tequila, lemon juice, ice and salt. Today, there are many variations of the margarita drink; we can find jalapeño margarita, strawberry margarita, mango margarita, even cherry margarita, and more …
They are all delicious, but without a doubt the original recipe is the best!

Some versions of the origin of the Margarita Drink:

The owner of the restaurant “Rancho la Gloria” in Tijuana City, México is said to have created the margarita drink in honor of actress Marjorie King.

The barman of a luxurious hotel in the city of Tijuana, Mexico was dazzled by the beauty of “Margarita Carmen Cansino” and created an exclusive drink for her. The beautiful woman is the actress Rita Hayworth

The margarita drink belongs to the “sours” family, that is, alcoholic-based drinks (tequila), lemon juice, and a sweetener.

The margarita drink is said to have been created by mistake.

Here you will find a compilation of 5 margarita drink recipes!


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