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Photo by Valeria Boltneva in Pexels

Authentic Tortilla Soup Recipe-reciperella

Authentic Tortilla Soup Recipe

This is an authentic Mexican style tortilla soup recipe. It is very easy and delicious!

Shrimp Tomato Soup-Reciperella

Shrimp Tomato Soup

This tomato shrimp soup recipe is very easy, served with parmiggiano and bread. It is very very delicious!

Bacon lentil soup Reciperella

Bacon Lentil Soup

This delightful and comfortable smoked lentil soup is very quick and easy to cook!

beef sets-reciperella

Classic Beef Stew

Classic beef stew This is a delicious beef stew, with vegetables, and with incredible flavor. Is a delicious comfort food, is the best family dinner!

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