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photo by  Marta Dzedyshko in Pexels

flourless brownie bars-reciperella

Best Flourless Brownie Bars

I’m absolutely sure you are going to love these brownie bars! They’re very easy and delicious!

double chocolate brownies-reciperella

Double Chocolate Brownies

Double Chocolate Brownies You know, this recipe is addictive to me. The crispy crust is my fav and adding two types of chocolate is heaven. I recommend using good quality butter, extra brute cocoa, and valrhona chocolate. The secret is to double the size of the eggs and sugar in the stand mixer, then mix […]

chocolate brownies-reciperella

Espresso Chocolate Brownies

Coffee and dark chocolate, the best combination!
Bake these delicious espresso chocolate brownies, you will love them!

brownie pudding-reciperella

Brownie Pudding

Imagine this brownie pudding with vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee.
I like to eat it warm, with caramel sauce, it is the most delicious thing in the world!

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