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Banana Chocochip pancakes-reciperella

Banana Chocochip Pancakes

For this recipe you need my basic pancake recipe that you can find here.

Healthy Almond Pancakes-Reciperella

Healthy Almond Pancakes Recipe

This is a very healthy and delicious pancake breakfast recipe ever! You can serve with your fav fruits, for this ocassion, i decide use blueberries.

Banana proteína pancakes-reciperella

Banana Protein Pancakes

Banana Protein Pancakes An easy, quick and nutritious breakfast. I like to use Kodiak Mix because it is so versatile and delicious. Light maple syrup in top and my favorite fruits. Try this recipe and use my Instagram hashtag #reciperella

banana oats pancakes

Banana Oats Pancakes

I am convinced that this quarantine we must eat healthy, and this recipe is an excellent option. It has everything for a good breakfast and have energy for the whole day.

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