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White Chocolate Tart-reciperella

White Chocolate Tart

This delicious white chocolate tart is very easy to prepare. You can substitute the white chocolate for dark chocolate or milk chocolate, you can also add more sugar to the filling.

mayonnaise chocolate cake-reciperella

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake

This delicious cake is the top! Also very easy to prepare, this chocolate cake with mayonnaise and chocolate ganache will be a big success! Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake Maybe interested in this cake recipe

double chocolate brownies-reciperella

Double Chocolate Brownies

Double Chocolate Brownies You know, this recipe is addictive to me. The crispy crust is my fav and adding two types of chocolate is heaven. I recommend using good quality butter, extra brute cocoa, and valrhona chocolate. The secret is to double the size of the eggs and sugar in the stand mixer, then mix […]

kahlua tres leches cake recipe-reciperella

Kahlua Tres Leches Recipe

This Kahlua Tres Leches Recipe is perfect for a party, it has a strong kahlua and brandy flavor in addition to a cup of espresso, but trust me it is really really delicious!

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