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divorced eggs-reciperella

Mexican (Huevos Divorciados)

This authentic Mexican food recipe is the best! I want to tell you that they are called divorced eggs, why? Because we are going to prepare two sauces, chipotle red sauce and tomatillo sauce, and we will place the refried beans in a line between the eggs and sprinkle with queso fresco.

huevos rancheros with guajillo sauce-reciperella

Guajillo Huevos Rancheros

This huevos rancheros with guajillo sauce is a delicious and very Mexican breakfast! Prepare it in a few minutes, I am sure you will love it! You may be interested in the recipe for refried beans, on this page you can get information about Mexican dried chilies. See my YouTube video:

mexican breakfast potato casserole-reciperella

Breakfast Potato Casserole

You will love this recipe, it is simple and very quick to cook. You can make tacos or tostadas, on top with hot sauce and more onion and chopped coriander. You need my garlic paste recipe, you can find it here. Very delicious! Try this recipe and use my Instagram hashtag #reciperella!

Banana Chocochip pancakes-reciperella

Banana Chocochip Pancakes

For this recipe you need my basic pancake recipe that you can find here.

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